Case Studies

Brand Name Test (Real Estate)

Our client is a leading group in the Indian real estate sector. Currently planning to set up a retail mall in India.
The Challenges were…
They have come up with 5 different names for their upcoming retail mall and wished to understand acceptability and brand fit of these names.

Our approach…
Market search India conducted face to face interviews with the target respondents with a structured questionnaire outside the existing malls. The target respondents were males and females who come under the age group of 20 to 50 years.

The Results…
From our study insights, we were able to understand consumer preferences for given 5 brand names. We also provide feedback on key aspects like ease of pronunciation; easy to remember, brand fit, fit with the company name, comprehension and imagery associated with the brand was also captured. Liked & disliked aspects about the overall collection of the new brand were identified.

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