Case Studies

Market potential study for Glass

Our client is one of the leading manufacturer of cutting tools for the metalworking industry. It operates in 12 countries worldwide with customers throughout the metalworking field.

Challenges …

Client wished to understand the market potential of Laser marking machines in India and estimate the current market size. Apart from this client would like to understand the current market structure, growth and competitive scenario and action plan for them to enter into the market.

Our approach…

The Study was conducted by using Primary and secondary research.
Primary data will be collected through in depth personal interviews with the end users and the manufacturers of laser marking machines, whereas secondary data research will be conducted through desk research in various chambers of commerce and through the internet


From the study insights, we were able to estimate future demand & supply along with the level of competition exist in the market, which helped the client to decide whether the opportunity present was attractive enough to invest or not. Our study provided the price sensitivity of the market, which allowed the client to accurately estimate the finances and take a considered decision.

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