Case Studies

Usage & attitude study (Tourism)

Our Client is the non-profit organisation based in Belgium and responsible for the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination in Indian market.

Challenges …

  • To understand the travel habits and the perception of the people travelling abroad for holidays.
  • To know the key drivers and barriers to Holiday in Europe and who are the prospects/segments and potential travellers to Europe.
  • Past experience during last trip to Europe.
  • To get feedback on various options for promoting Europe as a Holiday Destination in India.
  • To find out How ETC can promote Europe and European countries to Indian travellers? What are the best ways to promote? How it can improve the portal home page layout and the ways it can promote this to Indian customers.
Our approach…
Market Search India suggested a Qualitative research technique with In-depth discussions and travel agents/ tour operators – both national as well as regional level trade players were interviewed.


From the study insights, we were able to identify the travel habits of the abroad travellers’ and key factors they consider while finalising any tourist destination. We also throw light on customer perception about Europe as a tourist destination and help our client to develop the promotion strategy to attract Indian travellers.

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