Case Studies

Shopping Expenditure Basket Study

The client is pioneer of the mall culture in India with an objective of influencing lifestyle. Their malls have universal class and appeal, and they seek to provide a one-stop destination for fashion, lifestyle, food and entertainment leading to an international experience for families. They wished to understand brand preference within different retail category.
The challenges… 
Due to intense competition in retail segment, it was imperative for the client to understand brand preference of customers in different product categories. The objective was to identify brand purchase for different categories. 
Along with preference, shopping expenditure for different categories was also required to be understood. 
Our approach…
Face to face structured interviews were conducted among traditional or cosmopolitan residents who were key decision makers for shopping in the family. The sample was chosen from a catchment zone with a fixed radius around the mall and the purchase habits related to food, health, hygiene and other household categories were mapped. 
High Spend categories in which a customer spends substantial amount were identified along with products and preferred brands in the categories. The triggers for brand selection were also identified. 
The study revealed the shopping habits in terms of purchase frequency, mode of travel , mode of payment, lone vs. group shopping, planned vs. impulse purchase categories, triggers of impulse purchase etc.. The analysis provided insights in terms of existence of distinct segments  within the same area, paving way for targeted communication and fine tuned stocking patterns in the hypermarket.

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