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Customer Satisfaction Study (Chemical - Industrial process fluids)


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The client is a part of a newly merged industrial process fluids business formed by the 2 top-notch organizations having more than 100 years experience in the chemical sector. Post merger client became the global leader in industrial process fluids and expanded their operations over 25 countries to serve the world's most advanced and specialized steel, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, offshore, can, mining, and metalworking companies.

This merger also invited a few changes like change in company name, a new logo and brand representing the combined businesses. To understand the impact of this merger on their customers they decided to initiate a customer feedback study, which would also help them to develop a sustainable business strategy.

Market Search India partnered with the client and helped them to established a robust research plan. The plan that would help the client to evaluate the impact of this merger on their customers.


  • The customer satisfaction index was found to be 81 and recommendation level stood at 90%.
  • The customers prefer the client's product for better product quality, customer focused approach and delivery commitment.
  • The current customer satisfaction can improve further by reducing the delivery lead time and providing prompt response to the customer queries/ complaints.
This customized study enabled the client to understand customer needs, brand preferences, expectations, gaps and satisfaction levels and frame an effective business strategy and also helped initiate a better brand positioning exercise for their products.

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