Case Studies

Product Feedback Study (Automobile - 2W)


A great product isn't just a collection of features.
It's how it works all together.
The client is the world's fourth largest three and two wheeler manufacturers and one of the top 10 business houses in India. They of fer motorcycles in almost every bike category and in each body style and holding sizable market share in each category.

The client is eager to capture the larger market share in the 100-135cc category and recently introduced the 3rd motorcycle variant in this category. As a par t of their product measurement process, they have decided to evaluate the performance of their 3 motorcycle variants, present in this category on various parameters like looks, mileage, pick up, comfort , stability, gear shifting, engine noise, etc.

Market Search India partnered with the client and helped them to establish a robust research plan that would help the client to evaluate their existing products and also to understand the customer challenges.

  • Customers bought this new motorcycle variant for the mileage that was claimed by the company and were fairly satisfied with their decision.
  • The overall performance of this new variant is lower than the previous 2 variants and defects in the gear box is the primary reason.
  • Higher number of issues were reported for the vehicles manufactured in the particular unit.
This customized study enabled the client to frame an effective product development strategy and also helped to initiate a better brand positioning  exercise for their products.

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