Case Studies

Customer Satisfaction Study (Gas Distribution Company)


Hearing the voice of your customer

Consumers expect an exceptional experience with your company and unfortunately people talk about bad customer experience more than they'll brag about good ones.

We Market Search India believes that it is very important to conduct the consumer feedback studies to find out whether your customers are happy or not and accordingly align the company's business strategy.
Our client is one of the India's leading Natural gas distribution companies currently engaged in supplying piped natural gas to 1.8 million households and over 4000 small commercial establishments and CNG to more than .7 million vehicles in Mumbai, Thane, Mira-Bhayandar, Navi Mumbai and beyond through their 240+ CNG feeling stations and 1406+ dispensing points.

As a part of companies consumer service strategy decided to onboard a third-party consultant to evaluate the current satisfaction level among the PNG and CNG customers and suggest a corrective action plan to improve the satisfaction levels.
This customized study enabled the client to identify the need gaps in each stage of the customer journey and able to frame an effective customer service strategy.


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