Case Studies

Dealer Satisfaction Study (Chemical)


A pragmatic approach to understand the satisfaction levels among the dealers
Our client is India's well known multinational conglomerate and a leading player in the private sector industry with more than 72 manufacturing and services subsidiaries located across India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, China,  Egypt and Canada.

As a part of their business strategy they decided to initiate a Dealer Satisfaction Study. The goal of the study was to evaluate the current satisfaction levels among their dealers and benchmark them with the other subsidiaries on various parameters and know the current image of the client's brand.
Market Search India partner with the client and helped them to establish a robust research plan that would help the client to evaluate the current image of company along with the satisfaction level, compare the company performance with past studied and benchmark them with the other subsidiaries.

The study was conducted across zones in India among all type of dealers to cover uniform distribution of dealers.
  • It was found that client has improved their performance across the parameters during the last 5 years 
  • Client is performing better than their competitors with respect to commercial policies, performance of sales team and accuracy and timely resolution of payments were the major factor for high satisfaction level.
  • Dealers consider the suppliers product quality, timely delivery, competitive price and company reputation before associating with them.
  • Client should avoid direct dealings with the customers in the dealers area
  • Should focus on marketing activities and delivered the promotional materials in time
  • Should increase the frequency of technical personnel visit
  • Should improve the complaint handling mechanism

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