Case Studies

Customer Satisfaction Study (PSU)


Retaining customer satisfaction is applicable to all businesses
“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.” ~ Roy H. Williams.
Our client is a Miniratna PSU under the Ministry of Finance. The company's main objective is to develop and produce cost-efficient high-quality security products of international standard and to meet the requirements of the central government and the state governments regarding security products, currency and coins.
The client decided to initiate a satisfaction study to evaluate the existing processes involved in production and distribution of passports like product components, order delivery process, responsiveness of employees towards customer needs, personnel, pricing, complaint handling and overall service.
Market Search India partnered with the client and helped them to establish a robust research plan. The plan that would help the client to evaluate existing processes across the value-chain of passport ranging from designing, production and verification.


The customer satisfaction index have improved as compared to last year. The current index of 78% have shown significant level of satisfaction and highest satisfaction was observed at production level.

Based on the complaints shared by all stake holders, some key changes to improve quality and security of Indian passport was suggested. Indian passport was compared with other country passports to come up with the most suitable and important changes in passport features.


The study recommended the client to take immediate action for issues related to stitching of passport, photo smudging and data tampering. Also improvement related paper quality, quality of booklet, lamination process and material, security features, water mark were suggested along with introduction of E-passport.

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