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Employee Engagement Study - E Learning Solutions


Know your Employee Pulse
Every employee is different and will likely have different motivators to stay in or leave the organisation.

What if you have a tool to identify these motivators?
The client is a technology company offering domain expertise in teaching and learning solutions – leveraging digital, cloud, process automation, data, and strong learning design principles. Since last twenty years, they have been working with education institutions across the globe to help them build, deploy, and streamline their digital infrastructure.

In the last couple of years the company has seen extraordinary growth in their business which also led to the increase in the workforce across the location. In order to maintain this momentum of business growth, they needed a robust talent management strategy. They decided to onboard a third-party consultant to conduct an organization-wide employee survey.

Market Search India partnered with the client and helped them to establish a robust research plan.
Outcome :
  • More than 70% of employees were found engaged with the organisation and dynamic culture, homely work environment and skilled senior leadership were the major engagement drivers.
  • Unfair compensation program, unsatisfactory rewards & performance management and poor work-life balance impacting on the overall employee engagement level and provoking them to leave the organisation.
This customized study enabled the client to uncover the employee motivators and guide them to develop a robust talent management strategy.
Other than IT, we have successfully executed the employee engagement studies for
multiple clients spread across the industry verticals like Automobile, Construction
equipment, Electronics, Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Real estate, Retail, Shipping, etc.

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