Case Studies

Consumer Behaviour Study - Education


Unveiling students' thought process behind  selection of an educational institute

Our client is one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research. The Institute has sixteen academic departments and a few advanced research centers in various disciplines of engineering and pure sciences, with nearly 100 laboratories organized in a unique pattern of functioning. A faculty of international repute, a brilliant student community, excellent technical & supporting staff and an effective administration have all contributed to the pre-eminent status of the institute.

The client wished to develop a sustainable marketing strategy for their institute to attract prospective JEE (Adv.) qualified students for admission purpose and also want to become a primary choice for them.

They decided to onboard Market Search India - a leading market research agency in India to establish a robust research plan. The plan that would help the client to read students' mindset, understand their thought process, preferences and key criteria for selecting a particular institute.

The study was based on the primary research. The data collection was done through a series of in-depth interviews with the JEE (Adv.) qualified student’s and feedback was gathered on the following parameters:
1.Selection process
2. Preference for the particular Institute
3. Decision making factors
4. Perception about particular institutes
5. Experience with the institute
  • The overall perception of any institute in the students' mind is built up based on WOM, influence of seniors and teachers and overall ranking of the institute
  • Coaching class plays important role in improving their skill sets and chances of getting into the institute
  • Category of specialization, geographical location and quality of teaching staff are the major triggers for selecting a particular institute
  • Corporate relations, Reputation for CS and Better placements/ packages are the  major reasons for high preference for Mumbai institute, while Infrastructure, quality of teaching staff are the major reasons for Delhi institute
This customized study enabled the client to read students' mindset, understand their thought process towards the selection of particular institute and also enabled them to frame an effective marketing strategy to attract JEE (Adv.) qualified students for admission and take a step towards becoming a first choice.


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