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Manager's Assessment and Feedback study - BFSI


How to keep your employees engaged at work
A 'People Managers' study
Workplaces of the future are dependent on the value of people managers in an organization. Companies that nurture Great People Managers have high employer brand value and better prospects of sustainable growth. 

One of India's leading general insurance company partnered with us to carry out a people manger survey. All captains have their own ways of steering their ships. Similarly, leaders are different from each other in their attitudes, leadership styles and ways of working. Hence to understand relationships between the managers and their teams, we carried out a detailed people manager survey. 

An individual analysis was done for more than 290 managers with reference to various parameters. The 3 major skills that every manager should have i.e. listening to his team, appreciation and development of his team were measured and magnified to understand the perception about every manager in the organization. For each of these parameters a detailed frequency analysis of carried out.
Top Highlights of the study:
  • 73% of the employees were satisfied with their managers on all the 3 parameters
  • The overall co-worker relationship index score stood at 62%
  • Higher ratings were given for parameters like, gives fair evaluation and appreciates the efforts, maintains difference between personal and professional time boundaries and has good communication 
  • There were low ratings given on parameters like regular engagement in situations like working remotely Daily connect with the team on a personal level needed to improve as employees felt demotivated due to pandemic situations 
  • This customized study enabled the client to gauge the employee engagement level and take corrective measures on the concern areas. This study also helped the client to prepare an immediate and moderate action plan to boost the engagement level.
The study outcome helped the client to improve relationships between the managers and their teams and since then the business has grown even more, become even more successful and become a one of the most friendly, team orientated organization
Other than BFSI, we have also worked with the clients from Automobile, Chemical, Construction equipment, Electronics, Healthcare, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Real estate, Retail and Shipping industry and support them to build a better workplace for their employees.


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