Advertising Research

Advertising research is essential to gauge the success of campaigns or online campaigns using specific indicators of advertising effectiveness such as advertising recall, brand awareness, brand image and future intent by running studies parallel to the ad booking.

It could apply both for measuring the feasibility of campaign content or effectiveness of the campaign or impact of the ad campaign. 

 Key Tracking Elements :

• Monitor the development of specific advertising effectiveness indices (awareness, image, user behaviour, etc.) during the period under review.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign (how long does the advertising remain effective, what sort of effectiveness can I achieve etc. or where should I stop the campaign or rest the campaign to optimize the ROI). 

• Monitor the success of a campaign – as measured by communication, transaction or subscription levels achieved.

• Compare the advertising effectiveness of a campaign within the defined target group with the other respondents.

• Likeability and acceptability of the Content / copy.

Key Information Areas :

• Top of mind awareness

• Spontaneous awareness 

• Aided awareness

• Sources of the awareness

• Absolute

• Relative

• Distorted

Deliverables :

• Relative Perceived Value

• Ad awareness build up

• Ad tracking / campaign tracking – trend 

• Content analysis.

  •   Ad description
  •   Absolute recall
  •   Distorted recall
  •   Message recall
  •   Message take away
  •   Message understandability
  •   Message likeability
  •   Message acceptability

• Overall findings.

  •   Actions
  •   Corrective measures
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