Brand Name study

The brand name is very significant choice because some time it captures the central theme or key association of a product in a very condensed and reasonable fashion. Brand names can be extremely successful means of communication. Some companies assign their product with a brand name that in reality has nothing to do with the emotional experience but is catchy and a name that people can easily memorize. The core base of naming a brand is that it should be unique can be easily discriminated from other names, easy to remember and are attractive to customers (Keller, 2008).

In our opinion people have strong connection to brands and brands name. Brand name influences the customer decision in their product choice. When people intend to purchase any product, they have many brand names to choose from, but usually people purchase the product with preference to brand name and company reputation in market because of trust and previous experience.   

If chosen well, name brands can bring “value perception and quality your customers know and trust,” according to a buyer in the soft drinks market. The panel of buyers unanimously agreed name brands are important because people recognize brands and attach a certain intrinsic value to the product because of a name.

We conduct brand name tests with a view to identify the following:-

  • Ease of pronunciation-
    • As pronounced by the consumer.
    • As heard by the consumer.
  •          Likeability and Overall appeal of the name.
  •          Fit with the product category.
  •          Fit with the mother brand / company.
  •          Comprehension of the brand name. 
  •          Imagery associated with the brand name.
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