Market Entry Research

With the market access research and consulting services, we help clients find out business opportunities and set up reliable strategies on their investment.

It helps clients:

  • Discover market opportunities and threats.
  • Understand the market competition.
  • Study the channel structure.
  • Settle down potential consumption groups.

The market entry studies comprise the following elements:


  • Current and future market (size, regional distribution and development trends)

Competition Assessment

  • Market competition trends (price competition, brand competition, channel competition and others).
  • Competition trends by region.
  • Measures advantages and disadvantages of competitors in strategic layout, marketing management and channel structure.
  • Opportunities and threats in the competition.


  • Product types.
  • Products features.
  • Market shares and future development trends by product type.
  • Proportions and features of products used by region and users.
  • Replacement trends regarding advantages and disadvantages of the products.


  • What types of consumers there are?
  • What are their attitude and perceptions (why do they need or reject products/services)?
  • What products and services do they like most?
  • What is their feedback and perception of the existing products and services?
  • What are their usage features?
  • What are their purchasing features?
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