Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a program used to objectively evaluate many aspects of your business, including:  Store cleanliness, merchandise display, telephone interaction, employee interaction, sales skills.

Mystery Shoppers (also referred to as silent shoppers or secret shoppers) are sent to a retailer’s locations on a regular basis to conduct business as a typical customer would. Shoppers then submit objective reports detailing their experience. These reports are submitted to the company for review.

"Hawk-Eye" Mystery Shopping Model:

Market Search’s “HAWK-EYE” Mystery Shopping Model

Why Use a Mystery Shopping Program?

Mystery shopping (also referred to as "secret shopping" or "silent shopping") is used in almost every industry on a regular basis. As the focus on customer service increases, the need for objective evaluations of your business increase as well. The level and quality of service you deliver to your customers is vital to your company's success. Your customers' total experience with your company and your staff dictate whether your company will succeed or fail...whether you will be profitable or not. 

Why is Mystery Shopping So Valuable?

Mystery shopping programs are valuable because...

  • Most customers who have unsatisfactory experiences will not complain...they will just never come back. 
  • Dissatisfied customers are likely to tell many others about their experience, who in turn may avoid doing business with the retailer. 
  • The use of mystery shopping provides independent and impartial feedback, which reduces any perception of favoritism in employee incentive programs.
  • This impartial feedback allows you to evaluate employee performance and sales skills in a way that you could not do otherwise. Additionally, you can easily use the analytical reports to review the data           collected and improve customer service levels across all employees.
  • Mystery shopping helps determine whether customers' actual experiences are as intended. 
  • Shopping programs can identify areas of training that are working particularly well and which areas need improvement.
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