Usage & Attitude Studies

  • Attitude & Usage Studies
  • Need a stronger base of knowledge of a brand and category? Consider a Attitude & Usage Study (A&U).

Understanding Attitudes…by determining:

  • Consumer/user "needs"
  • Attitudes toward brands - perceived brand performance.
  • Gaps between needs and performance.
  • And perceived strengths/weaknesses of client brands vis-à

Understanding Usage…by determining:

  • The "who-what-when-where-how" dynamics of category usage and behaviour.
  • How usage/behavioural dynamics change among brands.
  • Why consumers/users buy specific products/services
  • Levels of brand loyalty and what drives it
  • The Usage and Attitude Research (U&A Research), is designed to study consumer's usage habits and behavior, offering a comprehensive, usable and unfixed analysis framework for practical research. U&A Research provides information on consumer usage and purchasing habits, attitude toward products and brands, and brand mix at the demand-end. With this information, businesses can scientifically settle the following marketing management problems:
  • Seek market opportunities for existing and new products.
  • Effectively segment the markets, select target markets and settle product orientations.
  • Establish marketing strategy scenarios.
  • Evaluate business marketing activities.

U&A Research mainly weighs the following indices:

  • Brands: popularity, trial use rate, brand diversion, loyalty
  • Usage: used products, users, application time, occasions, modes and frequency
  • Purchase: purchased products, buyers, purchasing occasions, modes, frequency and amount
  • Brand Assessment: overall, functional, emotional
  • Media Contacts: TV, newspapers, radio, network and outdoors
  • Life Forms: social values, attitude towards life, family, career and purchase
  • Background Information: business establishment time, sales revenues, number of employment and business ownership
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