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Case Studies

Concept / Product Test

There is a personal care brand well established in UAE and also present in India with only one product offering. They wished to expand their product basket by introducing new products in the market. The first product under consideration was deodorants, their parent company had 7 fragrances both for men and women.

The challenges were…

Due to intense competition existing in deodorants category in India, the client didn’t want to introduce all 7 fragrances. To differentiate them from the clutter they thought of selecting the top 3 which would be more liked and accepted by the target customers.

The objective was to identify the preferred fragrances among the options available considering the competition in the mind. Along with the fragrances, preferred pricing and pack size was also required to understand.

Our approach…

Market Search India conducted face to face interview with target respondents Face to face structured interviews were conducted among heavy users of deodorant at central location test. It was a blind test where all deodorant packs were covered to mask the brand name and packaging print variation.

A strong neutralizer like coffee beans was used in between two sample products. Randomization of the sample products order was followed to avoid any bias. Out of total set of 10 deodorants, 4 top preferred fragrances were selected for detailed feedback.

The Results…

4 preferred fragrances for each men and women options were identified. Also different types of emotions for each fragrance were evoked. The triggers for brand purchase of deodorants were identified which would help the client in devising promotional strategy and positioning of their brand.

Awareness and perception of the client’s brand was also checked among the target respondents which gave alarming signals to the client for taking focused approach in marketing and communication of their brand.

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